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Kavango East & West

Kavango East & West were created in 2013 when the Kavango Region was split. The capitals are Rundu and Nkurenkuru.

In the north, the region borders the Cuando Cubango Province of Angola. The region is characterized by an extremely uneven population distribution. The interior is very sparsely inhabited, while the northernmost strip, especially along the Kavango River, has a high population concentration.

The region also contains the western half of the Caprivi Strip. The Strip is crossed by the Okavango; the Kwando/Chobe river forms part of its border with Botswana; and the Zambezi river forms a part of its border with Zambia.

Because of its rather higher rainfall than most other parts of Namibia, the Kavango has agricultural potential for the cultivation of a variety of crops, as well as for organised forestry and agro-forestry, which stimulates furniture making and related industries.