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The llKaras Region is the southernmost and least densely populated of the 14 regions of Namibia; its capital is Keetmanshoop. The name assigned to the region reflects the prominence of the Karas mountain range in its southern part. The llKaras includes the towns of Keetmanshoop, Karasburg, Bethanie, and Lüderitz.

llKaras’ western border is the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Its location in Namibia’s south means that it shares a long border in the south and east with the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. Domestically, it borders only the Hardap Region, to the north.

The Hot Water Springs at Ai-Ais, the Kokerboom Forest near Keetmanshoop, the Fish River Canyon (the second-largest in the world), the Brukaros Mountain (a former volcano) near Berseba, the coastal town Lüderitz, and several guest and game farms are the most important tourist attractions.