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Erongo is named after Mount Erongo, a well-known landmark in Namibia and in this area. All the main centres within this region are connected by paved roads. The capital is Swakopmund.

In the west, Erongo has a shoreline on the Atlantic Ocean. Walvis Bay is the principal home of Namibia’s fishing industry. Swakopmund and Langstrand are popular beach resorts, Arandis supports mining industry and Swakopmund boasts manufacturing.

The region is well developed. Visitors will find a wide variety of accommodation options, from basic backpackers to luxury B&Bs and well-equipped self-catering holiday apartments.

Swakopmund is a beach resort and an example of German colonial architecture. It was founded in 1892 as the main harbour for German South-West Africa, and a sizable part of its population is still German-speaking today.
The city has scattered coffee shops, night clubs, bars and hotels. There are balloon rides, sky diving and quad biking. As well as small marine cruises.

Attractions in Swakopmund include a Swakopmund Museum, the National Marine Aquarium, a crystal gallery and spectacular sand dunes near Langstrand south of the Swakop River.
Outside of the city, the Rossmund Desert Golf Course is one of only 5 all-grass desert golf courses in the world. The city is known for extreme sports. Nearby lies a camel farm and the Martin Luther steam locomotive, dating from 1896 and abandoned in the desert.

Walvis Bay offers open spaces, scenic beauty and unique marine and plant life. Because of its large bay and sand dunes, it became the tourism activity centre of Namibia. It is well suited for the outdoor lifestyle, boasting sports such as sandboarding, kiting, surfing, swimming, angling, sailing, golf and other in- and outdoor sport codes.

There is Walvis Bay Lagoon and Aquatic Activities, Kuiseb River Delta and the beach itself where by people enjoy swimming and catching fish.
The low peninsula gives the bay a unique combination of strong wind and shallow waves, ideal for record attempting vessels like Vestas Sailrocket.

Other attractions include the artificial Bird Island, the Dune 7 sand dune, salt works, abundant birdlife and a museum. The beach resort of Langstrand lies just a few kilometers north.

Omaruru is situated near the Erongo Mountains, on the usually dry Omaruru River. It is located on the main paved road from Swakopmund to Otjiwarongo. The name in the local Otjiherero language means ‘bitter milk’, as the cattle used to browse on a local bush that turned their milk bitter.

The town is known for its annual festival where the Hereros commemorate their past local chiefs, its winery and for the dinosaur footprints at nearby Otjihenamaparero.

Arandis is a crossing loop on the Trans-Namib Railway. It has been called the Uranium Capital of the World as it is located just 15 km outside the world’s largest open-pit uranium mine, the Rössing Uranium Mine.